A few months ago when I found out that I made it into Worlds I asked/begged for a little help from my friends. I needed a few fundraising events and boy did my friends follow through. It has reminded me how much I love teaching as well. Laura asked for my help and organized a fundraising track workout with her play-group ladies. This was a real hoot. We met at a local track, all the moms had their kids in tow and I coached a track session. Coaching a track workout is pretty crazy when you have 8 or so kiddos, all younger than Annie running loose while their moms run circles. The women did so great with what I gave them. They did a warm up, some strides, and then got down to business. The first interval when the moms took off all the kids took off too, which left me retrieving crying kids when they ran out of steam. After that first interval the kids got a clue and figured out that playing together was much more fun. Abi the mirador was the only one I had to keep an especially close eye on.

The ladies donated enough for me to pay for half of my Team USA uniform, what a help they were, but even crazier...I had such a blast coaching them.

Here are the ladies running. img_0308.jpg

Here are a few of the kiddos lounging in the grass together. img_0313.jpg

Then a couple nights ago, another good friend Laurie organized a Flat Tire Party. Check out her post on the fun we had at http://mamameltdown.blogspot.com/. We had 7 kiddos playing on the backyard play-set while I taught everyone in a HANDS ON, DO IT YOURSELF way, how to change a flat tire on their bike. Hearing the ladies talk just reminded me how much we women need to get together to do things like this. Men tinker with things, women are usually afraid to touch, we are worried about breaking things. They learned, and practiced what to do when their chain falls off, and how to take off and put on the rear tire. They practiced using their individual CO2 cartridges to fill their tire, and they are all extremely proficient at changing their tires now (if I don't say so myself). Again, the real blast here was the teaching aspect. I really got a kick out of helping these ladies learn new things and become confident.

08-05-09_1213.jpg 08-05-09_1230.jpg

A huge thanks to them as well as I now have a beer cup that says "Sonja Donations to Rock Worlds" full of cash...which I promise to not spend on beer!!

Lastly I want to recognize my friend Susan. She has taken this little "begging for help" that I have asked for and turned it into "Help me help you". I had a session with Susan where we covered run form and where we got on our bikes and rode around the parking lot 500 times learning how to shift, break and go around turns. I can't wait to meet with her again. She is such a comedian and I love that she is letting me become involved with her progress. Thanks Susan!


So, ladies, I really love you guys. Letting me teach you is such a gift. I have really enjoyed my time with all of you and I hope to spend more time spreading my knowledge! Is knowledge even worth having if you can't spread it? Thank you for all your donations to my cause. I wish I could tack every one of your names onto my uniform at worlds!