What am I supposed to feel like? There are triathletes running and biking and swimming everywhere around me. I didn't anticipate the amount of intensity that would exist two and three days out from the event. My lodging has these three huge windows that look out over the swim shore. All day long triathletes swim swim swim. Then they run run run, and at times they bike bike bike by my windows. For me, I've gone the opposite direction. The work for me is done. I don't need to remind myself that I can swim, or refresh the legs on the run. I raced last weekend and I know it's all there, it's just waiting for the day. So, I've chilled here on the beach. I've visited the ice cream shop down the street several times. I've enjoyed the scenery and gone down the slide on the beach. sonja3.jpg

I've read, and relaxed. It's been a vacation. Oh wait, I did do a little running. Ya gotta do the underwear run, it's Ironman tradition and I wasn't going to miss it. Steve, Keith and Tony came and watched (chicken). Here's my outfit. sonja1.jpg

And here I am with the PowerBar girls.... sonja2.jpg

Troy and I did volunteer yesterday. We helped stick all the number stickers on the bike racks. It was fun and we had fun working together. More athletes should volunteer I think, it helps you have a better appreciation for the event.

This race, Ironman Canada, is the reward of the season. Which is odd, because all the "work" has been very rewarding as well. I can't say that I quite know what I am getting myself into. But I know that I am ready for the experience and jazzed to see what the day holds. The bike is turned in, the bags are packed and sitting in transition, I'm ready to go. Thanks for all the love and thoughts. Race number 2146.

Transition getting filled. sonja4.jpg