My stay here in Gold Coast Australia to prepare and participate in the ITU World Triathlon Championships has been pretty epic thus far. I wanted to post a few photos for all of you before I finish up my race prep. For those of you interested in watching the race ITU triathlon ( will be streaming a live webcast of the race. My wave departs at 7:17am Gold Coast time (Female 30-34), which I believe (check me on this) is 4:17pm Denver time. My race number is 476. There are 90 women in my age group...90 of the fastest WOMEN IN THE WORLD. Okay, now that I got that out of my system, here's a little update of my week so far. I was super excited to get to Australia. Me and all my stuff made it there safe and sound, even after switching from domestic to international in LA. img_1577.jpg

We had a great first day on OZ, I tasted Nutella (very very good) and Vegimite (not good, at all). img_1581.jpg

We did a little touring around and walking on the beach. img_1593.jpg

The next day was awesome. I did something I have always wanted to do, I held a KOALA!! img_0695.jpg

And petted Kangaroos! img_0729.jpg img_0738.jpg

We saw a BIG crock. Crikey! img_0760.jpg

Don't believe me? Here is some perspective! img_0763.jpg

The next day we went on a rain forrest tour. We did the skywalk thing and got to see the forrest from all different heights. crw_9496.jpg img_1635.jpg img_1648.jpg crw_9505.jpg

Mom and I also found a cheese shop. Had to buy some of that! crw_9486-1.jpg

Then it was down to business. We did a TEAM USA bike ride today, there are a lot of us. crw_9630.jpg

And last night we had the parade of nations, and opening ceremony. I have lots more photos I want to share from this, but this one made me laugh. img_9542.jpg

Tomorrow is the big day. I plan to enjoy the experience and leave everything I have out there on the course. I came here to race and I'm ready to get it done. This experince has been soemthing else, it makes Ironman athletes seem mellow. The amount of nervous energy, fancy bikes, triathletes with attitude, and sperm helmets has been unbelievable. So, tomorrow I suit up with my name on my butt and dive off the dock with 89 other female 30-34 killer athletes.