a 100 mile race is calling to me. Can you hear it? Oddly, it's the Western States 100. I don't know why that's the one that I'm pining for, but it is. The lottery opens on October 1st, and closes on the 15th. They are only allowed approximately 369 racers every year and with over 1000 applicants, the chances of entry are slim. But, it's calling me, and thus, I want to enter the lottery. There is a qualification process and one of the rules is that you have to complete an official 50 mile race in under 11 hours. For the 2010 race, you have to do this by November 7, 2009. Humm. So, I thought, well? If I wait to find out if I'm in to do a 50 mile race then I am going to be under a time crunch with maybe one or two weekends left to find a race and qualify. Which means another travel trip, which means getting myself on another airplane...nope, not gonna do it.

I've run dang near the distance on several occasions, including the self supported Grand Canyon adventure, but this must be official.

And, here's where I got a little lucky. It's kinda late in the season for there to be any 50 milers left in Colorado. But, lucky me.


It's this Saturday. In Steamboat Springs. And you know, it's just what I need right now. Running in the mountains is one of my favorite things to do. After the epic-ness of these last few months I have tons of people asking me: What's next? What distance do you prefer? What races are you signing up for? Etc? Etc? And you know, I kinda need some time to think. I've had so many awesome experiences, but not a lot of down time to process them....to really deeply process them.

So this feels like the right thing to do. And, as some of you must be wondering...what about my body? Oh yea, my body, you mean the one that just did Ironman and has been racing racing racing. Yea, that one. Well, I'm a firm believer that your heart will tell you to rest when you need to. You have seen me do that mid season here on this blog. When I get tired, I rest, when I'm excited, I go on adventures. I checked with Steve and while he's not exactly happy about it, he's not one to tell me flat out no, just to voice his concerns. I will try my hardest to not "race", but to "run". Enough said?

Oh yea, well, one more thing. I met Josh Shadle on the airplane coming home from Nationals and after some great conversations I have been wanting to meet with him to see what he's all about. We meet Thursday. I'll let you know, but the research I have done so far leads me to think that I have found a major resource. Check out Tri-Massage.