img_0827.jpg I have been racing for the past few weeks for my friend Amy who is currently battling breast cancer. Since day one Amy has made it known that she wanted to have a head shaving party. I told her, "Allright I'm in". Then I got home and thought, "Really, I'm gonna shave my head". I started thinking about the concept and several things came to me.

One...Amy doesn't have a choice. It's a part of this horrible disease for her, her hair is going to leave her whether she likes it or not.

Two, it's hair, come one people, it's hair. Hats are quite prevalent in these parts. Please, it's hair.

Three, the biggest one, if shaving my head can give Amy a giggle, or a laugh, something to make this process just a little bit easier, I'm in. She is my friend and has been there for me through some of my dark times.

So, with those thoughts in mind, last night I attended Amys head shaving party, and I lined up with 12 other people to have my hair buzzed. Amy's husband Brian went first, he was the "warm up". Then Amy, then Hillary, and then me. I must say, us three ladies were clearly the "Main Event" of the night. Then 9 other men jumped in the seat one after another and buzzed it all off. We were lucky to have one of Amys friends from high school who is a hairdresser do all the shaving, she was very gracious to donate her time and clippers to our crazy antics.

I have said all along that I shaved my head for Amy not because it's this huge monumental thing, but to remind her that "It's just hair". People say that to cancer patients a lot, and I say "If it's just hair, then shave yours off too". The rest of this post will be photos of the experience. At the end is a video of me getting shaved.

We are all racing the Race for a Cure tomorrow on a team called Amy's Chemo Sabes. We have 84 people racing the 1 mile walk tomorrow as part of Amy's Chemo Sabes. We are just a little short of our fundraising goal. If you would like to help, you can donate here.

The Before Picture bald1.jpg

Hil getting her hair put in ponytails so that all the hair gets properly donated to Locks of Love, or Children with Hair loss. bald3.jpg

Brian (Amy's hubby) cutting her ponytails bald4.jpg

And the shaving begins for Amy 20091001_5985.jpg

Almost all gone 20091001_5998.jpg

Amy rockin the bald look! 20091001_6007.jpg

Hil in the shaving chair 20091001_6014.jpg

Amy enjoying cutting Hils hair off a little too much! 20091001_6031.jpg

Hil enjoying having her hair cut off WAY too much! 20091001_6043.jpg

She's bald 20091001_6060.jpg

Big hugs for Hil from Amy 20091001_6063.jpg

Hil and Amy cutting off Sonja's ponytails 20091001_6071.jpg

Celebration, down with the hair! 20091001_6078.jpg

Amy with her butchered ponytails 20091001_6081.jpg

Here goes Sonjas hair 20091001_6087.jpg

Amy watching with glee! 20091001_6097.jpg

And it's off pa012784_2.jpg

The three ladies AFTER, hair GONE. 20091001_6116.jpg

Hil and I pa012785.jpg

Amy and her hubby Brian 20091001_6120.jpg

Amy and I, my fav pic of the night 20091001_6130.jpg

The carnage! bald2.jpg

Enjoyed it? How about a little donation here?

Video of my hair chop chop. You gotta watch the end, it makes me a little teary. I find it slightly frightening that it has 350 views before I have even posted the link here.

What an amazing way to spend an evening. I walked out of their house that evening feeling so hyped up about life. Amy has so many amazing friends that have helped in so many ways, I applaud all of them. Amy is going to beat this cancer, she's going to live a long and blissful life with her two beautiful children and her loving husband. She knows that one day one of us will call her and say "I have Breast Cancer", but she hopes that this disease can be cured.

To donate to Amy's Chemo Sabes...again, the link.