hdr_photo.jpg Amy Dannwolf, Michelle Ford and I have teamed up for the Pink Chase Fundraiser at Keystone resort on December 12th. We are racing as Team Bunnies for Boobies and folks, because you know me, we want to win the grand prize. The pink Chase raises money for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. They are a foundation committed to finding a cure for breast cancer in our lifetime by providing critical funding for innovative clinical and translational research at leading medical centers worldwide. That's something I can stand behind.

What is this race? Well, it's a race where teams of three women compete against each other by trying to ski the most vertical in a day. There are checkpoints around the mountain and you log your vertical while trying to make certain checkpoints for extra bonus points. Teams also compete for the most money raised and the best costumes. But, there is a grand prize (clearly what we are going for) and it's a combination of all three: vertical, fundraising and costumes.

Now I know that we are just a bunch of triathletes, but we just happen to be some pretty bas ass skiers too. And well, the costumes we have planned, yea, they are going to rock the house. We already have received some phenomenal support from Powder 7, and Smith Optics. They have supported our efforts and now, I need you!! There is a button with a link at the upper right hand side of my blog. It links to our fundraising page. We also plan to raffle off some products to donate to our fundraising efforts as well. If you happen to work for a company that would be willing to donate products to raffle, please contact me.

Not to tell too much, because this isn't totally my story to tell, and my moms kinda a private person, and this blog is getting a little popular, BUT, (whew, lots of commas) my mom battled Breast Cancer. I was in my senior year of high school, and she handled it like a total champ, but, we have "been there" as a family. She had just finished radiation when I moved into the dorms. In fact she slept in my dorm bed the first night I was in college because she was exhausted from radiation while I was off at some "new college girl" meeting, and she was the first to discover the five foot phallic symbol that had been painted on our wall with glow in the dark paint. BUT, I digress.

Yes, this cancer is not fun. You have seen my rather minor involvement with Amy and her cancer, she's in the middle of this crap and will be for a little while longer.

We need a cure. This is a disease close to my heart (duh, your boob is like right next to your heart). I feel it is a worthy cause to donate time, money, sweat and tears to (oh and don't forget hair).

Breast Cancer needs a cure, and to do that we need research. Please consider a donation.

If you need skiis this season, consider Powder 7, a company that didn't hesitate one minute to support the Breast Cancer cause.

If you need goggles or helmets, travel on over to Smith Optics, a sponsor of the Pink Chase, and a company that helped us out as well.

BUT, before you do any of that, remember that the link in the upper right corner of my blog goes directly to our donation page.