Yup folks, 5 years goes by and this is what it looks like...I LOVE IT!shapeimage_119.jpg

Last week Troy and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary, on Independence Day. I love that we picked the 4th of July to get married, we always celebrate with fireworks, family, and BBQ, it’s awesome.

This year was no different, we spent the day with Troy’s family in Loveland. Roger takes a lot of pictures (I LOVE this) and I was skimming trough them trying to find one of Troy and I on our special day...above is as good as it gets.

I realized, AH HAH, we’ve been married 5 years. That’s the point where just doing what we were doing above is pretty wonderful. Chatting with family on a sunny afternoon, watching your kid play in the wading pool, reading a fantastic book, and knowing that your husband is there by your side, expecting nothing, equally as happy, that...ladies and gentleman....is a darn good marriage. I could never have asked for more.

I love you Troy, happy 5th.