Pookette turned 4 last month! I'm still a little miffed that I'm the mom of a 4 year old. They let anybody parent now a days. Annie is super tall, Troy is 6'4", and the munchkin is following in his footsteps. She is actually 3/4" taller than Troy was at age 4. Yikes! She names everything "Sarah" right now, her dog, her pony, her bike, it's all "Sarah". I find that rather hilarious. Here they are on Troy's birthday, which is just three days after Annies Birthday. When I found out I was preggnant I got a card for Troy and I wrote in it "You're going to spend your Birthday in the hospital". I was close, we came home the day before. These two are buddies. pb172901.jpg img_1119.jpg

A couple days ago I picked her up from a Kidstown playfest. They gave her a lollypop at the end and she was licking it on the way home. I watched her eyes start to droop, she was so sleepy. She fell asleep mid lick.


My hair is growing, I know crazy huh? But yea, I spent a little time in what I call the "fuzzy werewolf state". I like it short and think I will keep it pixie like for some time. It's just easy!


As always, Troy and I are loving life. We're happy, it takes being mindful, but boy, every bit of "work" you put into your marriage, comes back tenfold. He has been a huge source of guidance as I went through the process of discontinuing coaching with Steve a month ago. He has also helped me process what I need from a coach going forward. I'm very excited about where my new coaching decisions are taking me. More news there sometime in the future.


I went to the GoLite warehouse sale this weekend. I was looking for a tent, sleeping bag, and a pack for fastpacking. I was successful. I'm ready for a multiday running adventure now. I don't have a date yet, but you can bet there will be a fastpacking adventure post this year. You bet-cha!

Kat and Annie are in my new tent, they loved it.


I spent several hours communing in my new lodging as well. So comfy and my pack, sleeping bag and tent all together weigh 4.4 lbs.


Lastly, I organized a long run this weekend. If you came out and ran, I hope you had fun! And if you missed us, come out next time. It was great to catch up with some friends that I hadn't seen in awhile, and to spread the news on some of this years planned adventures.