I spent the entirety of every middle school weekend at the Roller Rink. It was called Flippos in Morro Bay CA, and I loved that place a ton. There is something so peaceful about blaring music, and skating around in a circle for hours on end. I remember when my parents let me get a pair of skates. They were speed skates and are the same kind of skates that all the roller derby girls use now a days. I got these Hyper Witch Doctor wheels in lime green with laces to match in lime green and pink. I was about the gear, and the bling even back then. I put thousands of miles on those skates, holding hands with boys during slow songs, and winning all the race competitions held during the sessions. img_1202.jpg

Then high school hit, with boys, and cars, and cross county. The skates went in the closet. But really, once you learn to skate, it never leaves you. It's always in your blood.


In college I took my skates, never skated in a rink, but would go down to the path along the beach and would skate every once in awhile since it was flat.

Last Sunday was my return to the rink. I dug the skates outa the closet, they still fit like a glove (to think my feet were this big in middle school, eyy). Annie, Troy and I went to the Skate City with Tyler and his family. Tyler can skate well, duh...he's like the king of balance. Troy had skated once in his life, and he did really well given that fact.


Annie took a couple laps around the edge and called it a day. She then ran around the rink, hyped up on soda and loud music. Ha! I had a total blast, and after an hour it was like I had never taken a break from it. I was back to my fast skating, loving it self.



They have an adult session at 6:30pm on Sundays so I may have to hit a few of those up. Honestly though, all the kids skating around make it fun.


Troy and I took a few videos with my phone and uploaded them to Youtube. I'm the girl with short hair in jeans and a blue shirt.

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