Wow the Pink Chase was a blast. Michelle, Amy and I totally ripped it up out there. You all helped us raise almost $1,500 for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Pre Costumes (before we went undercover): pc113001.jpg

And Undercover bunnies: img_1242.jpg img_1243.jpg

The costumes were a huge hit and nearly everyone we made eye contact with throughout the day said something to us about bunnies, or boobies, or both. We were like the Pink Chase spokesmodels, people were eating it up. I think all of our cheeks are sore from smiling.


We were totally stoked that our ears held up the entire day. I had sewed wire into them and duct taped them onto our helmets. Without the ears...I just can't say what would have happened.


Of course we triathlete/ski bunnies were out to win it. But when we saw that some teams had raised in the $3,000-$5,000 range we knew that if they planned to ski hard, and dressed up reasonably well, we might get beat. Its always going to go to those who bring in the loot.


We gave it our all and we skied our tails off. We literally skied as fast as we knew how the entire day. We gave Michelle one potty break, but other than that it was eating lunch and snacks (Ritter Sport Chocolate) on the lift (thanks AMY for pizza) and bombing down the runs. The skis that Amy scored for us (the K2 Burnin' Luv) were awesome (check out They were so fast, and we felt very matchy matchy.


We covered 44,890 vertical feet. We missed one "hot chocolate" checkpoint worth 1,000 vertical. We actually went there, but they told us they were out of coco and didn't give us a sticker. If we had that sticker, we would have won the most vertical for the day, we lost it by less than 200 vertical feet). Not bad for a bunch of tri geeks.


Our costumes however, they were unbeatable and we were awarded the grand prize in that category. Too bad the prize is manicures, and well, we're triathletes. Do you know how long a manicure lasts when you swim every day? About 1 day.


However, we can't thank Smith Optics enough. They hooked us up with helmets and goggles, both of which were fantastico (the Anthem Goggles and the Intrigue Helmets)!


We had a blast ripping it up. I think that we were one of the best teams out there, but we were edged out by the notorious and Vail residing "Snow Angles". However, we swapped cameras with them for one lift, and let's just say, they will remember the Bunnies for Boobies team for a long time. They will probably also never swap cameras with someone again!

Thanks to Tyler who came out and skied with us for two runs, we have a video of our day! THANK YOU TYLER!

Pink Chase Ski Race from sonjawieck on Vimeo.

Many thanks to all of you who donated to our cause. We tried so hard to win for you all. We had the best costumes, we pretty much skied more vertical than everyone out there, and we came armed with the donations you provided. We are eternally happy for the experience, and on behalf of the entire team we wish we could have brought home the grand prize for you all.