With the help of Random.org this morning 4 winners have been chosen. - Emily:

I just decided to race my first triathlon ever! It will only be a sprint, but considering the longest race I’ve ever done thus far is a 5K, I think that will be more than enough to take on. Started by getting in the pool last night for the first time in ten years! I could only swim two laps at a time, but I didn’t drown! It was a big confidence boost after a baaaaad year.

- Tess

My Ritter Chocolate Goal is: to run sub 8 min miles consistantly for 10k. Hopefully placing higher than 8th overall in the Lakewood Trail series next Sept. Qualify for Boston….that’s always the goal. Run Boston, that’s the dream! big hugs my friend.

- Ron

This year I’m going to be in the Clydesdale-Fat Tire (Old Man) bracket, but I’m doing 3 duathlons. And I’m doing my 4th charity hike up Pike’s Peak in under 5 hours. All this because your blog and the comments are so inspiring. And because I like chocolate.

- Kim Nixon

My first goal this year was to get on XC-Skis and not fall down. So this year for (an early) Christmas I went to a local ski shop and was outfitted with boots, poles, and skis. I had ski’d 2x in my life and spent more time in the snow on the ground with my butt then upright. I had a feeling that, this year, after becoming a runner might be different. I trail run and my balance and core strength have improved. But I had to set a goal–to enter in my first race a 12k!! So today was my first day upright on skis and in less than 45 days I have a race!! Whew! I got my work cut-out for me. I’ve lost 50 pounds in a year BTW

Thanks to everyone who submitted a comment. Your remarks were incredibly inspiring to me and others. This will be a post that I read over and over for years to come.

If you didn't win, don't be too bummed. I have another contest in the works, this one for goodies from one of my sponsors. Keep working towards the goals that you wrote here because the next contest will required that you have made some progress in that direction. More details to come!