Core Concepts treats this girl so well. I got an email last week from them asking if there is anything I have had my eye on? Heh Heh. Really? There are just a few items left in their line that I don't have and the big one I have been drooling over is the Monsoon to Market Jacket. This jacket reminds me of an episode of Project Runway where they had to design a garment that served two purposes. One guy tried to do a jacket that was an umbrella, and it was a flop. Well, Core could have won that challenge because they made a rain shell that turns into a cute purse. Isn't it cute?

Oh, and I have on the Polartec Excellence award winning Plush Pullover in the above picture. It's white and I don't know how I have managed to wear it like 3 weeks straight and yet haven't stained it. I think they put some sort of stain repellant karma into the fabric or something...

It's a pretty smart idea and even has a pocket for your goodies.

for some reason, maybe because I test and give lots of feedback to Core Concepts, their clothes fit me so perfectly. I slipped on my new coat, it's a womens medium, and it fit to perfection.

It has pockets, and a great fitting hood. The purse part of the coat is hidden away in your back area with a tidy little zipper. It's all connected and you would never even know it's there. You can even shove stuff into the pocket of the purse while you have the coat on.

See the purse turned into a pocket and hidden on my back?

This coat is totally waterproof. The seams are taped, the zipper is waterproof, this one is made for the elements. And, with a twinkle in my eye I can say that it's 9oz. So it's perfect for a fastpacking trip. Core has yet again impressed me. They continue to make functional clothing that has a twist. There is always a little something extra with their stuff. Me likey!

Core does really fun giveaways on their facebook page. You can become a fan here. They are also one twitter. @coreconcepts

FTC disclaimer: So you all know, as I mentioned, Core Concepts provided this coat to me, as they have with all their other products, free of charge. I don't return the items to them, I continue to test them throughout the years and provide feedback. They are a great family owned small company, they give back to the environment, and I love their concepts.