Wow, I really feel good right now. Tomorrow we head out to Phoenix for Troy to run the half marathon. We have a big group going, and for once I am not running. I am looking forward to getting some time on the IM Arizona course and to watching all my friends PR and have fabulous races. It will also be fun to say hello to Mix1, they will have a booth at the expo. Be sure to stop by, say hi, and tell them that you read goSonja's blog. They might even give you an extra Mix1. Training recently has been exactly what I strive for: diligence. I have clipped through my workouts, really with no issue. I've asked questions here and there and have enjoyed the beginnings of a new relationship with a new coach. I'm learning a lot about myself and about my body, so those are good things. I know that lots of you have been asking about my new coach and I promise there will be a post sometime in the future, just give me a little time.

So, the next BIG thing. Moab 100

Yes, I'm going to run 100 miles in one go. And, I'm going to do it on a looped course, one that goes around and around and around. While this seems crazy, it's actually a good thing. For my first 100 miler it will be nice to see Troy and my drop bag every 6 miles or so. The hardest part is going to be seeing the tent, and my sleeping bag every 6 miles. Training is ramping up for that and I will be doing some uber long runs in the near future to get ready. I ran a 57 mile week two weeks ago with zero side effects, so I'm getting there. Now, I know that runners consider a 57 mile week insufficient for a 100 miler, but you have to remember that I am biking and swimming on about the same level, so my fitness feels broad.

Never-the-less it's those big haunkin' runs that give me the confidence that I can get it done, so those will be in store for sure.

Oh, and lastly, I must introduce you to SAM. I have a post about him going up next week, but in the mean time I thought I would give you a little teaser....

and you thought I was a gnarly?