As I start to dig into planning all the details of my Grand Canyon Rim to Rim To Rim run this year I wanted to put a post on my blog for those of you who are thinking about joining in on the fun.

As you know, one of my goals this year is to inspire and help people to do something that is a little more than they thought they were capable of. Now, the Grand Canyon is a very formidable run, it's long, it's hot, it's 46 miles, and you need to be well trained. But, it's also A LOT OF FUN.

The date has been set for April 19th. It's a Monday. That would allow those that would like to do the Rage in the Sage Triathlon a few days to get over to the Grand Canyon, same as those competing in the Salt Lake City Marathon.

So, if you have been thinking about asking me if you can tag along on this trip, now is the time to make yourself known.

The trip will be well planned, that is a specialty of mine. I will be sending out an email soon with the overall schedule and lodging options. I provide the structure and the details, and you provide the fitness and your own cash.

My sponsors this year have all agreed to give a little love to this "adventure" so that will be an additional perk.

Lastly, if you are in the area and we have emailed, or tweeted and you need to get to know me better for Grand Canyon purposes, I am running 45 miles this weekend in 6 mile loops. Loops will leave at the top of the hour starting at 8am from the Cherry Creek State Park area. Contact me or leave a comment if you need details.

Last years R2R2R video

Grand Canyon R2R2R from sonjawieck on Vimeo.