I asked you to give me some time, and you did. Like you had a choice... You are interested to hear about my new choice of coaching direction.

Well here he is. Blog readers, meet Chuckie V, Chuckie, meet my blog readers.

I have been reading his blog for about two years. Hi, my name is Sonja and I read Chuckie V's blog way too often. There is a support group, we meet weekly.

Seriously though. His stuff is so good. When I was in a low period or needed a little boost it always seemed that some post would pop up on this crazy guys blog saying just what I needed to hear. His writing often spoke to me. Once he posted a blog that was an email that he had sent to one of his pro athletes and I remember thinking "I wish he was writing that to me", not because of what he was saying (because I wasn't doing two ironmans in 35 days) but because of how he was saying it.

When things dissolved with Steve and I knew (because every member of my family hit me over the head) that I needed to end the coaching relationship, it was in the back of my mind that I would contact Chuckie. I hadn't [haven't] even met him. I hadn't spoken to him...but he had spoken to me. Okay, that sounded kinda big brotherish. He lives in California, not far from where I grew up.

As I said in a previous post I didn't want to get my hopes up because he only talked about coaching pros and in the small chance that he might be interested in me I still didn't know if I could afford him.

Needless to say, he not only aggreed to guide me, but he also illustrated to me that he understood my form of crazy. I'm pretty sure he has a little [lot] crazy in him too, but don't judge him by this, or by this, and especially not by the video at the bottom of this.

Nooo, look at things like this, and this, and this is one of my favorites. So, in short if you want to know "who" he is, it's all out there. He's a pretty open book. But his training secrets, even though he does reveal an awful lot, are hidden. Paid customers only.

He knows his stuff, he's insanely good, my schedules rock, he "gets" me and my aspirations, he's a rockstar communicator, and he's dang funny.

The guidance is there, the rest is up to me.