One thing I love about my life are the companies who support me. All of my sponsors (on the left) are companies that I wanted to represent. I love their stuff and so I went after them, hoping they would let me test their products and put them through the ringer. They help me and I consider each and every one of them family. Well, because you seem to find yourself back at my blog often enough, they love you too. I have been collecting a few discounts for all of you and wanted to share them in one place.

Check out my newest sponsor, Trimassage. This is a funny story. I met Josh (owner) because I sat next to him and his little lady on the way back from Nationals this past year. Josh explained to me that he didn't really do massage anymore because he found muscle restoration to be more beneficial. He explained it to me in theory, but I had to see for myself and yup, it's really good stuff. If you have something nagging, or it isn't even to the nagging point yet, go see Josh, he'll fix you. He's in Boulder, but I drive the 45 minutes from Denver because he's that good. If you are on the Front Range, he's worth the drive, hands down.

You can make an appointment here where it says "Schedule Online" and you want the "Muscle Restoration Laser Therapy, Initial Consult". Tell him "Sonja sent me to you" and he will give you $20 off that initial consult. If you aren't wondering how the heck he made you all better before you walked out the door, then your a hopeless cause. I'm kidding....kinda. PS he will give you homework.

Rev3 Races. Still wondering were the heck you are going to race this year? Looking for a race that is going to put YOU first and make you feel like you are on the PRO circuit rather than just a massed together age grouper. Wanna meet the pros, get pics with like ALL of them, and send your family to play at the amusement park while you act like a star struck triathlete. Sign up for a Rev3 race. Use my code PracticalRev3 and save yourself a "Jackson" (not to be confused with a Benjamin).

Core Concepts. I love testing products for these folks, they are mom and popish and they are GRAND. I live in their clothes, if you read this blog often enough, you know these things. Want 40% off, it's like a pro deal, from me to you? Use pro0210sw at their online store for the next few months and get some goodies.

Just a little love from me to you, just in time for your tax returns. Happy shopping.