Actualy this is how I prepare for a 60 mile run. I wouldn't dare recommend this sort of insanity to anyone else. I don't know what I'll crave when I'm out there tomorrow and despite the fact that King Soopers is a mere 0.3 miles from my aid station parking lot, I must be prepared.

Step 1: Buy one of every junk food* item that looks good at the store.

* note: after the run you must immediately package up and hide all left over junk food for the next big run...or you will gain 5 pounds in the 3 days following.

Next you need to think about all the food you should be eating. EFS, blocks, gels, liquid shot, nuun.

Step 2: Raid your secret closet stash of training goods for appropriate goodies, take multiples of everything.

The weather forcast tomorrow is calling for a high of 49. But I will start in the early, cold morning and will end in the late, cold evening. Also in the middle of the day it may get just nice enough for shorts and you don't want to miss out on that opportunity.

Step 3: Do all laundry. Make sure every piece of athletic clothing is clean and pack 2-3 of everything. Shorts, tights, short sleeve, long sleeve, rain jacket, sun hat. Prepare for all weather. Take three pairs of shoes and 5 pairs of socks.

A huge component of a successful run is the electronic component. iPod, Garmin, iPhone, headlamp, camera...

Step 4: Charge Garmin and iPhone. Refill with new songs and charge iPod. Make sure camera battery is charged, and memory cards are empty. Replace batteries in headlamp.

Now you have to put all of this somewhere.

Step 5: Clean out the car. Throw away Recycle all 30 Mix1 bottles that have accumulated in the back of the car.

Throw all your junk in the car and consider yourself almost ready.

Now to prepare the body. However it doesnt really matter how well you treat yourself in the 24 hours prior, you will still hurt like hell tomorrow for the last few laps.

Step 6: Have a great meal, some Salmon, veg, some carbs. Put on some comfy pants and relax. Do your exercises from Josh, watch a boring movie and hit the hay for a good nights sleep.

Just like that, easy as pie, I am ready to crank out 60 miles. All I have left to do is run! 7am tomorrow the mayhem begins.