I joined a group called the Colorado Mountain Mamas. I saw a pamphlet at my HypnoBirthing instructors house and it sounded like something I would enjoy. I've been going on hikes with this group for the last two weeks and I love it! They have baby hikes, toddler hikes and the best tandem stroller walks. I go on the baby hikes and the stroller walks. Each hike has a leader that is certified in infant CPR. Today they had a stroller walk and we did two laps around Washington Park. I love that park. It's great to be able to meet other moms and to share stories.
I talked to Joy, the owner of Co Mountain Mamas about becoming a hike leader. It seems that there are several moms that want the job, so she will have to make a decision on who gets it. I don't envy her having the task of making a decision.