One week out from 62 miles, three weeks to go until 100 miles. This week has been very recovery focused. What does that mean? Do I sit on my tush and eat bon-bons? Nope, I spin A LOT, I flop A LOT, I walk on the treadmill, and I eat huge quantities of organic vegetables, I nap. There are so many slightly annoying ways that you can help your recovery along. The foam roller, the veggies, self massage, flop swims. All of them are mildly cumbersome and seem to take more effort than they are worth, but believe me, they are worth it. One week later I am 90% back to normal, only feeling a little residual junk deep in my legs, either from the 62, or from the lack of anything since.

This weekend Troy and I had WAY too much fun for married people. We rode up Highgrade together, we went out to dinner with great friends (Thank you Hil's mom for watching pook), we indulged in a large amount of retail therapy at the Apple store. We caught up with family. There will be times, and they are coming soon where these things need to take a back seat, but it's nice that we can enjoy them now and prep our friends and family for what's to come.

Today Troys parents came over and brought Annie some new jammies, socks and jeans. She really dug this dress and her grandpa took about 40 pictures of her posing in it.

It's going to be hard to get me away from this tasty little specimen that we have been saving and saving and saving for.

Last year we realized that we got barely any family pictures. So, this year I am making a better effort of getting all three of us in one shot. Cuz, we're a pretty happy family, and you all should see that, right?

It's taken years of small baby steps for Troy and I to align our life and our $$ in the direction that makes us the most happy. You can always want more $$, but if what you do have is being spent in ways that allow you to fund your dreams and not waste any of it on stuff you don't really want (like drapes) then your pretty set right?

We are in that place right now. This year is going to rock, we are going to have so much fun, and we're happy. Annie is thriving and I just crack up at the oodles of personality this little package exudes. I wonder where it came from?