Troy and I had a great weekend playing games! On Saturday Mr. Pid (Troys bro) came over and we played some really cool games that he picked up from Cheap Ass Games. This is a way cool company that puts out fun games at an affordable price. The games are well thought out and fun, but don't have a lot of fluff and fancy colors to them. We played a game called Deadwood, where you are a dead beat actor trying to make money. Instead of fancy game pieces, your dude is a 6 sided die, and the number facing up represents your rank. I thought it was a smart idea! So don't pay bank for good board games any from Cheap Ass Games!

On Sunday, Troys friend Chris came over and we played Skip Bo and Settlers of Catan, two of my all-time favorite games. I won both...duh! I believe I am undefeated in Settlers, and I'll give you my must secure the longest road!