Three boxes arrived from Saucony. Woooot. The door bell rang and I was at the door before you could say "Team Trakkers Rocks". A photo shoot to rub it all in? You bet cha! You don't even have to ask twice. Prepare yourself for the return of JUMPING SONJA. Okay folks, first up we have the Micro Melange Tank from the Run Luxury Line with the Ignite Tight Capri.

Check out these Go Girl Run Shorts. I bought a pair of these a few months ago and I love them, so I got two more pairs (gotta have a black pair and another blingey pair). I call this "running in air Sonja".

The top here is the Empress Short Sleeve. This picture is totally blurry but it still makes me laugh. Oh and note the appearance of a pair of the Grid Fastwitch3's.

Costume change, we are now jumping in the Micro Melange Long Sleeve and the Omni LX Tight.

Brr, weather is getting colder, so I jumped into the DryLete Sportop and the Micro Fleece Hat and Glove Set.

Notice the sparkle on my wrist, it's a little light that is in your sleeve. Sweetness.

Whew, that was a totally exhausting photo shoot. I don't know how those models do it. Unfortunitially I had to be my own photographer (with the timer on my camera) and my own model. Clothing provided by Saucony, who is one of Team Trakkers sponsors and by Troy, who earns the mooolaahh in this house. I hope you enjoyed it, or at least got a little giggle!