I am happy to say that Annabelle and I have finally figured out our nursing issues. My little one LOVES plastic. We know that she has allays been fond of her pacifier, and has the tendency to prefer the bottle to the breast (much to my dismay). Last week we tried using a nipple shield (yea, scary sounding) and she LOVES IT!! I think that she is able to control the milk flow better and added to the fact that she loves plastic, we have had several days of extremely successful nursing. I am looking for my little 25 percentile (in weight, she's 75% in height...thanks to daddy) baby to start catching up now! Her nursing sessions have gone from 5 somewhat traumatic minutes, to 15-30 blissful peaceful minutes. There hasn't been a single session where she cried and refused to nurse, she sees the nipple shield and latches on right away. I finally feel like we are having Hallmark moments in the nursing department. AND, she is falling asleep at the breast, which has almost never happened. So yes, while it's a small step for babykind, it's a big step for our family!

This just reminds me how much we moms have great ideas/intentions of how we want to raise our babies, and then they come into the world, and they dictate everything. I never thought that following the lead of my child would result in pacifiers and nipple shields!!