Monday I leave on a big trip!! Annabelle and I will be driving to California to visit my parents for several weeks. My mother in law, Marla will be riding with me all the way to Truckee, CA where she is living part time. We will be staying with my grandparents in Salt Lake City Monday night and then going on to Truckee and staying there Tuesday night, and then Annabelle and I will go alone to San Jose on Wednesday morning. On Feb 15th Troy is flying out to California to drive back to Colorado with us. We are going to be apart for two and a half weeks and it's going to be a little tough! I will miss you, Boo!! Kiss Kiss!
However, it's going to be GREEEAAATT to see my mom and dad. They recently got a new puppy, named Maggie, so it will be fun to meet her. From what I can tell she is quite the ornery rascal! Here is a pic of her:
It's wild to think I am traveling back home with my new baby. My parents house in San Jose really feels like home, and to have Annabelle there with me will be great! Dad and I plan on doing lots of hiking and exercising and cooking, and I'll try not to call him "grandpa" too much! It is going to be great to show off Annabelle to lots of people.
So, please think good travel thoughts for us as we make the trip across the states. I feel that we will have a safe and uneventful trip, but good thoughts along the way always help. I hope that Annabelle does well on the trip and that she is happy and peaceful. I will be updating my blog often while I'm gone!!
Happy Trails!!!