Well, friends, here I go. You all know what I'm off to do. When I started this year I knew that I wanted to "go big". Living life and chasing after all the things I've always wanted to do is the goal. In my heart I think often "Anything is possible with hard work and a smile". That's what keeps me moving forward in the moment. But it's such a small piece. I couldn't do ANY of this without the support I receive. My husband Troy is the stoic foundation to all of this, but it's many of you that build the walls that give me strength, throw in the windows to give me the inspiration, and pitch the roof to keep me safe and well protected.

My parents (both my biological ones, and my married into ones) have been right there with me through all the adventures. My dad sat down last year and told me that lots of things have to align in order for someone to chase their dreams. He saw many things aligning for me, and he wanted to step into that. I don't know how someone can say "I love you" any deeper. To me it was "I understand who you are, and where you want to go, and I am here for you in every way I can be".

My friends and training partners. They are always there, always willing to help me get these crazy things done, and I lean on them often. They provide the fun along the way as well and they keep me smiling.

My sponsors. Seriously, supporting these companies is a no brainer for me. This week Josh has worked on me for hours to make sure my ankle was making as much progress as we could get out of it. Many of my sponsors have sent me notes of encouragement along with products to make my day successful. Although not one of my sponsors, Petzl sent over a top of the line MYO RYP for my initiation into running all night. Good companies, good people. Thank you.

You all. If you are reading, you make my day. Maybe you read because you are waiting for my wheels to fall off, I don't know, but something tells me you might be reading because you like what you see. You support me. All of your comments and well wishes really help settle my nerves. I know when things get tough (and they will get tough) I will think of each and every comment that's been made and I will dig a little deeper. You all inspire me to stand tall and run to be me.

My coach. It's true that our coaching relationship is new, but I am so very thankful for that way that Chuckie has trained me for this event. We've both never done this before, but here I am, 36 hours before I will begin and I am ready. He helped make me ready, both in the body and the mind. Thank you Chuckie.

I've been told that there is no cell coverage at the race site, so real time live twitter updates probably wont happen. But, people will be checking in and going back to town and everyone in my group has my twitter account and password so keep an eye on twitter and you might get some updates. I'm hoping to be done by the time the sun rises on Sunday.

My twitter handle is @gosonja

Also, you may want to follow @michelleford6p

Ladies and Gentleman, start your engines!