I found a new website that I love. It's written by a couple on Voluntary Simplicity. They give you a little test:
Make a list of the ten activities you enjoy most. Then make another list of the ten activities that occupy most of your time. Compare the two lists.
1) spending valuable time with my family (Troy, Annie, my parents, grandparents, and In-laws)
2) hiking
3) spending time at the family cabin in Gould
4) doing crafts (crocheting, sewing, knitting)
5) cooking
6) camping and backpacking
7) traveling and sightseeing
8) listening to music
9) taking baths
10) blogging, emailing, and keeping in touch with family an friends

Occupy my time
1) cleaning the house
2) cleaning up after pets
3) being in transit...driving to and from places
4) putting things away
5) sleeping/resting
6) watching tv
7) spending time on the computer
8) taking baths
9) playing with Annabelle
10) hiking

So, 4 of my items on my "Enjoy" list line up with my "occupy" list. Those are: spending time on the computer, playing with Annie (lines up with spending valuable time with family...slightly lines up), taking baths and hiking. Now if I could only stop cleaning and start spending time at the cabin, stop shopping for groceries and start doing crafts, stop sleeping and start camping, etc!

The key to happiness is not to have what you want but to want what you have.

So I have some things to think about here. I think I will explore the website a little more to see if it yields any ahh hah moments.