I take back everything nice I ever said about Chuckie. He is DEMENTED! He comes from crazy land! So, I like to run. You all know this. But, I don't run because I want to burn calories, or stay fit, or because I have this compulsive need to. I just really like it. Some people like online poker? Some like knitting, I like to run.

I've always liked it...I ran a 10K when I was in Junior High. My friends used to ride their bikes with me in junior high while I would run around our neighborhood. Yea, I was that kid. I feel free when I run and independent. I can relax and let my mind wander. But I'm not compulsive. I can take time off and I understand the need to rest the body after, say, a 100 mile race.

So I haven't run since Moab. Strict Chuckie orders, and I'm cool with it. I've been swimming and I get to ride my bike too, so it's actually been good and hasn't really bothered me much. Again, I want to set the stage here that I am not one of those "must run everyday" kind of people. It's been 11 days now I think? "Thanks Tom, for letting me use yourEllipticals while you were away."

So today is the first run back. I look on my schedule and it says I am allowed to jog ONE minute, then WALK one minute, then jog, then walk...etc etc for up to 1 hour. No problem. I strap on the HR monitor, the Garmin, my shoes and out the door I go. First off the schedule says to do this on the treadmill. NO WAY HOMEBOY. It's delightful outside and I'm not missing this because it will probably snow tomorrow (it snowed yesterday). So I opt for outside.

I start walking...fine...then I run. Oh my. The glorious feeling of running, the instant comfort and ease. The shoulders drop, my feet pitter patter along. 60 seconds pass.

Crap, seriously. Walk walk walk. This stinks. 57, 58, 59 60

Run, ahh. This rocks. I'm so back, look at the birds, wow the sky is blue, 59, 60.

Crap, seriously. Walk. Ok, this is so not cool. Soooo, very not cool.

And thus I went, for one whole hour. The sun would shine, I would smile, life was great. And then I would see 59 on the watch and back to walking. Plod Plod Plod, Wahhhhh. What did I do to deserve this kind of sick torture?

It was like pulling back a rubber band and then instead of letting it go, just slowly unstretching it.

Have you ever seen the look that your kid gives you when they are at the pool and they are running to do something or other and you yell "WALK". Yea, that look...well, that was how I felt every time I watched the clock flip over to a walking minute.

Total aggravation. One I even stomped my foot on the ground. Seriously. LET ME RUN.

And things weren't bad for those 11 days I wasn't allowed to run. But to let me out of the gate and allow me to run but then force me to walk. It was sheer torture and the hardest workout I have experienced under Chuckie thus far. I wanted to defy his instructions so badly. I was giving him the stinkeye, and he's not even residing in this state right now. I briefly contemplated becoming one of these.

Okay, so maybe I was a little harsh in my opening statement. I don't take back ALL the nice things I said about Chuckie, but I did learn today that it's a good thing I have a coach that I trust and that I am confident he knows his stuff. Because if it was ANYONE else, I would have ran the entire hour.

Chuckie, seriously, you're going to have to limit those kinds of workouts, or I swear I will end up in the nut house.