PIC Fordy Ford and I headed to Boulder today for our mid week long training day. We were pretty amped up because we were going to go riding with PRO triathlete and Team Trakkers Mama Bear Carole Sharpless. This is Carole's comeback year after a really really bad bike crash 3 years ago. I would like to put it out there that I am on TEAM SHARPIE. She is one strong woman and I feel blessed that she is willing to share with me her experience and mentorship. I've never met anyone like her, I love her almost in a vienna/jake sort of way! Here is Carole and PIC Fordy Ford getting ready to ride. Nice socks PIC!

I tell ya, it's nice training with folks who are all sponsored by the same great companies. We can share goodies and everyones stomaches stay happy. Of course, Carole is on the Elite Trakkers team, so we use all of her nutrition. Moooch!!

We suited up in tons of layers. I totally overdressed today, but, it's act like a pro day, so I didn't want any rookie mistakes. We took a picture before heading out.

Carole dragged us all over the place. We tried to take pulls when we could, didn't want to be wheel hogs. And surprisingly we all worked flawlessly together. The pace was kept controlled, but firm, no lollygagging, but no bonking or blowing up. Goldylocks would say....Just right!

PIC and Sharpie chatting it up.

We rode for hours, filling the lulls with lots of singing. Oh, how I do love to sing while I train, and sing we did. Sadly, the songs OFTEN turned to those about cheeseburgers. Yes, we (Carole) spent miles planning our celebratory meal.

After some climbing up to Jamestown we were ready for a descent and a ride back to Boulder.

We had a little run of sorts off the bike and it was straight up bike short, sports bra, knee high socks kinda action. The people on the bike path were giving me all sorts of looks as I huffed and puffed past them. But the best part of the day was my post workout reward (How do I love thee?).

We need to find Carole a MAN!

Done with a run and it was time for showers, some core and conditioning work and then grub grub grub. Okay, and maybe ONE fun drink. Salt replenishment, and Team Trakkers required cocktail.

This was a good one, and so very needed today. This day built a little confidence and I look forward to more and more time with my bike. PIC and I had so much fun with Carole and we know it's a relationship that will continue to grow. To end my train like a pro day I got home to a huge box from Trakkers. You will see plenty of it's contents in the future, cause I'll be living in it.