Spells Trouble. What are three very green, very matching, very smiley triathletes?


Today was train like a PRO day, which I am renaming "Get dropped by a PRO day".

Carole was on her brand spanking new Kestrel and well, we were lured into thinking we could keep up with her last week. We now can not keep up. Carole is wicked crazy fast on that new Kestrel and it has PIC and I two man teaming it, taking 2 minute pulls just to stay in the same ZIP CODE.

We are really lucky that we live in such a gorgeous area. Between sucking wind, and trying to keep my lungs inside my body, I could look around and smile at the views.

The wind was MAD today. At points it was angry headwind, and at points it was angry crosswind. I failed to recognize when it was lovely tailwind, but I'm sure it was somewhere in there. Because of the wind, we plugged into our ipods and got it done today. It's not always pretty (okay, in Colorado, it is actually ALWAYS pretty) but we persevered.

I loved riding through the new grasses in the plains. Our trakkers kits are totally grass colored and we fit right in with spring.

Carole put the hurt on us today, but always with a smile and a "What can I do for 'ya hun"? I'm really loving her attitude. We can all learn something from that. But let me tell you, it is totally a case of Mama Bear with her two tagalong Baby Bears. Kinda like this. Despite the wind, and maybe because of it, another good day signed, sealed and delivered.

Next time, Carole wants to go to the pool, oh dear, does she know what's she's in for?

I think Carole is praying to the triathlon gods in this picture that we will find some stamina to stick on her wheel better. We need new Kestrels!