I lead another Mountain Mamas hike today. We had a blast. We did a 1.5 mile look in Red Rocks Park and it was hot hot hot! I lead it at 11am, and then Susan, our other hike leader lead another group at noon. I went ahead and did the loop again with Susans group so I could get in some extra mileage!
I think the moms and babies had a really fun time. It was a gentle loop, allthough it ends with 60+ stairs. All the babies were really content. I am starting to get a "core" group of moms who show up for all of my hikes and stroller walks. Our babies are all close in age so it's been great. We bounce lots of ideas off each other and it's cool because there are a lot of different parenting styles accounted for. It's really reminded me that sometimes I just need to chill out!