This weekend Troy, Annabelle, Arwen and I traveled to Troy's family cabin to open it up for the year. We weren't sure if the snow would be melted enough to access our 1/8 mile road in, but we were up for an adventure. Turns out there was still too much snow to get in on our road, but our neighbors let us use their road to unpack/pack our stuff in. We then parked the truck close to our gate and walked in. The cabin was as cozy as ever and it weathered through the another winter without any signs of damage. We lazed around most of the weekend... cooking... eating... eating... watching all 6 installments of the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice... ooh and eating. Today was a quick day as we had breakfast, went for a walk, cleaned up the cabin and headed back home. All in all it was very enjoyable. We hope to be able to make it back there in a little over a month. Annabelle had a very fun time tasting all of the outdoor trees and grasses. She loves to taste things lately. I have attached a few photos of her.
Here she is tasting bark from a stick (Troy and I were laughing that her first "solid" was bark):
Here she is tasting some grass:
And here she is playing with a dried reed. She demolished it in about 3 seconds: