Helloohh all! So sorry I haven't been posting lately. Things have been busy and I haven't felt like digressing about life. But I'm chipper now and back to talking about myself :).
Well, we had a nice week in California, even though the circumstances were not good. We helped out with Ed's funeral and provided support to Lynn, his wife. Micky, his daughter has grown a ton and is quite the live wire. She really enjoys cartoon network and the playstation! We all walked to Sweet Retreat to get ice cream one night and Micky decided to go in her pajamas (the ones with feet). It reminded me a lot of something I would do (or did do) when I was 13.
We also had a camping trip while I was a non-blogger. I will post lots of pictures to catch up!
All in all things are well, the house still hasn't sold. We broke the contract with our realtor and will be searching for a new realtor next week. Hopefully some new blood will be what we need to sell the house!