Sunday, the final day of a super EPIC week. I have trained harder this week than I can remember training in a single week last year, although I think I did hit some bigger bike and run weeks, but this week was more well rounded. It was just a big big week and I didn't miss a single workout that I was given. That I am proud of, I did the work, in the intent that it was written. It's taken years to learn how to be consistent week in and week out. When I started training I think I would miss 1 or 2 sessions a week but with time I learned how to keep the consistency up. It's brain training really and something I think some people have an easier time with than others. I am not a creature of habit, but I am much better now about pairing my training with my goals in my brain, and that gets me out the door most every time.

Today was the last big day of the week (not because there aren't more big days, just no more days in the week). Tomorrow is a recovery day, but today was not! I had a long ride on the schedule with some hard work during it, and then a run off. Sometimes the workouts Chuckie gives me have more detail than I can remember. I'm always nervous I'm going to forget the workout mid ride so sometimes I write it on my hand.

My ride was a little mismatched today as I strung together various climbs in the San Jose area to get in the work that needed to be done. In Colorado I can always head up Highgrade and I know I'm not going to run out of hillage, but in Cali things are a lot more up and down, and the up is always EVIL steep.

One thing I've not gotten used to here is descending. Oh my lordy, I'll climb up these hills all day, but going down them is another story. I'm always scared of what could be around the next bend and I am rapidly eating through my brand new break pads. I'm learning and today I rode a dicey descent three times just to try to ease my fear.

My run off today was very promising for IM. At the end of a very big week, on legs that had been put through the ringer, I was able to run light on my feet and happy. I hit my goal IM pace like I was supposed to and it felt like I could get it done.

All in all, it's been such a terrific week. I sit here Sunday night, tired, but not too tired, more content than anything else. My parents have been so super duper awesome at hosting me. They have cooked for me, done laundry, entertained Annie, hosted movie night on the big screen each night, and not tempted me with ice cream or anything. Thanks mom and dad!

A good hard week always ends with a good hard ice bath and this was a particularly good one as some chocolate milk accompanied it.