Triathlon is such a big piece of my life, and I'm really glad that Chuckie agreed to take on a piece of the crazy that is ME. I think when you are looking for a coach (AKA Guide, Wizard, Mentor, Advisor, Guru, Teacher, Director) you have to take into account your own personality. For me, this triathlon stuff is so much more than swim bike run. Although I need to do those to the best of my abilities, the bigger picture is important to me. I'm glad I found Chuckie, if you read his blog, you'll figure out quickly that he is a thinker. This business of training and racing is more to him too, and the things we learn out there translate to all different parts of our lives. He's good with that, and I really enjoy working with him for that reason (and many other reasons). This morning I had a email from Chuckie and it said, simply this:

S onja, T his R ace O nly N eeds G rrr.

Grrr, girl, grrr.


He had attached this video that he took yesterday at the end of my workouts. We had been training in Boulder for the day, which included a little lunch break between training bouts (yes, I did feel like a PRO for the day). The work was very good work, but the break was excellent. To be able to sit down and just converse with Chuckie for an hour or so....I learned so much and came home with oodles of food for thought. His life is so rich in experience, I hope that I am following in those sort of footsteps.

I think it's just a funny little video. When I watch it I can tell in my eyes just how much I love training, and how comfortable I am training and communicating with Chuckie. I never worry what he thinks, I never feel judged by him. And you know, when you are training, you are vulnerable. It's not easy to find someone that you trust with that vulnerability. Someone you can take a turn wrong in front of, or bonk, This trust has really helped my training this year. Thanks Chuckie!

Nine more days until the fun begins.