I meant to post this yesterday, but i had a bit of a meltdown, so I didn't get it up. Enjoy it! In commemoration of Kona being a mere 40 days away and after yesterdays post I thought I would highlight 40 fun things that have transpired over the last few weeks.

1.) Chuckie's turtle and custard jokes

2.) Michelle not being able to click into her pedal for 90 minutes on a ride

3.) Angela being told to "Run like Sonja" (that one was especially funny since her 1/2 marathon off the bike is faster than my 1/2 marathon PR)

4.) Annie doing fashion shows in the living room

5.) Troy laughing at things that are in no way or shape funny, like the fact that it takes 2 people to get me into my compression tights at night, when all he wants to do is take them OFF

6.) eating BoulderBaked cookies with Troy and Annie

7.) racing Angela up the bleacher stairs and beating her every time...except when she cheats

8.) having "parties" that last 45 minutes and result in getting Michelle's bike packed into her bike box

9.) The feeling of that first 50 meters in the pool in the am where the water is too cold and you know you are so very alive

10.) contemplating what to put in your pockets for a long ride and wondering if you could sneak anything into Michelle's pocket on the sly

11.) making new friends at masters and then swimming all out so that you can keep up with them

12.) giving people nicknames

13.) hitting 1000 after 1000 after 1000 on the track within 1 second of your given goal pace....21 times.

14.) listening to Annie's jokes about turtles...and custard.

15.) running all out 100 yard dashes and keeling over at the end, but internally giggling at the silliness of it all

16.) laughing about the fact that there are new words that are used every day like "chip-seal", "flop", "tempo", "specificity", "aerobic", and "glycogen"

17.) listening to Chuckies bands album in the car and having Ah-Hah moments about committing to whatever you do.

18.) eating apples from the neighbors trees at the end of rides and runs

19.) laughing and having great conversations with Troy about our crazy lives and how happy we both are

20.) taking the bus, and then the light rail home from Boulder after a long day of training so Troy could have the car...that was so much fun, and I forgot how much I enjoy public transportation...seriously!

21.) my mom buying a brand new mini cooper after driving the Saturn they got me for college for 11 years.

22.) watching Chuckie eat an entire full sized watermelon over the sink after one of our rides

23.) re-gearing my bike and changing the crank length and seeing instant progress with the changes

24.) spending the night with Tyler and Beth before they raced, and getting ice thrown on me in the shower...payback sucks!

25.) seeing the big name pros out riding their bikes when I am training in Boulder

26.) swimming in the Scott Carpenter pool before they closed it to humans so that dogs can swim in it the last two weeks of summer...only in Boulder

27.) running out of Justin's Nut Butter and having a big box of it on the doorstep the next day

28.) snuggling with Troy on chilly nights and having my quads heat up the entire bed

29.) Getting to know Punk Rock Runner and finding a new kindred soul

30.) Eminem's new album

31.) going through an entire tube of NUUN in one track workout

32.) watching Annie learn to snorkel in our swimming pool in preparation for Kona

33.) loving the new necklace that my mom got me about a month back, nobody can figure out what it is, can you? Don't spoil it if I already told you.

34.) seeing Anthony try on Carole's new Snuggie, he looks like a monk, a Snuggie Monk

35.) swimming in the outdoor pool when it's dark outside, sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the evening

36.) seeing Josh at TriMassage, I always have fun when I'm there

37.) riding my bike to Ward, then Nederland, then to Ward, then down to the 36, then back to Ward, then back to Boulder, all the while holding tempo pace

38.) enjoying new climbs, new scenery, and new company this summer training in Boulder

39.) seeing the scale read numbers that I haven't seen since high school

40.) having my family "get me" and love that I do all this stuff.