The Big Dance - Day Two Well, today went much better, but still with it’s share of eventful happenings. It started off with a swimmy swim in the OCEAN. Oh yes, you would think the race was actually today if you were down at the water. Lots of athletes were out doing the first portion of the swim course. Michelle and I were excited! Troy was shocked with all the people and had a little of the deer in the headlights look going on.

Michelle and I found Chuckie who was hanging out on the seawall. My dad got some hilarious pictures from like 50 yards away. How do I explain my dad to you all? He carries around a camera with a very big lens. Everyone thinks he’s an Ironman photographer, but really, he’s my dad. These pictures are pretty funny, especially since we are talking about him....while he’s taking our picture. Also, I find Chuckie's leg to look extremely ripped. Good on ya' Chuck!

So PIC and I hop in and off we go. We stay way left and out of the commotion. So, what are my thoughts. Well? Salty. That’s number one, definitely salty. Umm, Clear, that’s number two. And finally FISH, that’s number three. It is a little bit hard to focus on swimming, but I think I’ll be okay on race day. I do need to figure out just where to place myself. It’s a tight starting area.

PIC and I swam out to the coffee boat. Yes, Kona is so cool that there is a swim up coffee boat. BlueSeventy was on the boat doing little contests. They dared Michelle to touch the bottom and she would win a pair of goggles. She gave it a solid go, but didn’t quite make it. They handed out little cups of coffee and little cookie biscuit things. I didn’t have coffee, but I did have PIC cram some biscuit in my mouth.

Back to shore we went, and just in time to suit up for the underwear run. Holy Moly! The underwear run was sheer mayhem. It was equal parts awesomeness and silliness and nakedness. I know you all have zero desire to read about it, so here are the goods.

That's none other than Team Trakkers Big Kahuna: Michael Lovato.

Go SAUCONY!!! Michael, Michelle and I's shoes. Saucony rocks!

Ok, this is really the best one I have...

The true queen of Kona herself, the notorious Ms. Bree Wee. And yes, PICs abbs are a little out of control! Also, I'm 99% sure that's Bree's coach behind us in the FBI hat. Maybe it's Brees security. Either way both of them were really fun to pose with!

And how totally cute and hot was Ms.Recycled Gel girl? Love it! So creative!

My dad got a video of the entire underwear run going by so when I get some time after tomorrow I will post it on vimeo. It's a total riot!!

After the undy run Budget called and they had a car for us. It was totally worth the wait, they upgraded us to a convertible Mustang with a whooping 33 miles on it. Boo ya! PIC needed to get in a long ride so the grandparents and Troy took off with Annie to go snorkeling, and PIC and I threw her bike in the "stang". I got her going on the Queen K highway and I drove the bike course. It’s hot, it’s hilly, and there is a lot of wind. Real shocker, eh? But oh so fun was the convertible. A little too much fun almost!

I did treat myself to a little macadamia nut ice cream in Hawi. It was just a kids cup, and it was totally worth it!

After that I headed back to the house and got my bike ready. Affixing stickers and tags, changing to fresh tires, pairing the PowerTap with my Gamin, etc, etc. I rented a Zipp404 front and a Zipp808PowerTap rear from Race Day Wheels. I’m very impressed with their service. Their wheels are in great condition with new tires. I put my own (also new) tires on, but I was still impressed with what they sent.

Before I knew it I had to skidaddle over to the Banquit and Race Meeting. It was a lot of the same info that I’ve gleemed from other IMs but this time with a Kona flare, and lots of Alohas.

And now, I go to bed. Because it’s only 36 hours until race day and I need sleep!

The Big Dance - Day 3

Update: Since I had so much trouble getting internet connection this post was actually from last night. Here are a few more fun pictures from yesterday.

Here is PIC riding out on the Queen K.

Here are a few Punk Rock Racing girls that I found. I was SOOOO excited to see some punk rock shirts out there.

And the Mile High Multisport Clan. Julia and Kathy were headed to go swimming when we bumped into them. Kathy's 50th birthday is tomorrow and she's racing. Look for her to knock it outa the park on her Birthday!

Today has been a go through the motions day. It's been busy and I'm about to head down to turn my bike in and then RELAX. I want to write a long post on my final thoughts but there just isn't any time left. It's time to go, it's time to race. My dad took this one picture of me yesterday and it portrays exactly how I feel. Fit, ready, nervous, excited, focused, prepared, optimistic, and stoked.

I'm number 1714 tomorrow! Mahalo and Good Night!