photo-19.jpgSo I wrote that post on Friday about swimming; you know read it.

Well, Saturday...very early (6:45am) I met my Partner in Crime Michelle in a Bennigans parking lot to carpool over to South Valley park for our twice annual run up Highgrade. I thought it was a once annual thing but Michelle missed the first running of it, so the TEAM agreed to run it again...just for her. Feel the love?

So Michelle reads this blog, but DIDN’T read Fridays post...ooh, AND Michelle is a swimmer. Well, we’re both triathletes, but I’m a “runner” and she’s a “swimmer”...get it?

So I hop in her car and she hands me a box. I’m a little embarrassed because it’s a gift, and those always make me blush. I open it and it’s an “I Love Swimming” t-shirt.

Now here’s the creepy thing...she had not read my last post!! AND I saw her literally less that 12 hours after writing said post. She got me the one and only shirt I have been desiring for months now. She didn’t even know it b/c we haven’t really talked b/c we both have ben dealing with family and holiday obligations!

This is totally one of those cosmic events. You know how sometimes you put something out into the world...a wish, a hope...and sometimes it comes flying right back at you in record speed. This is one of those.

So needless to say the next time ANY of you see me, I will most likely be wearing my I Love Swimming shirt.