The details:Total Time Spent Training: 9:30 Bike Miles: 44.52 Run Miles: 23.96 Race: 10 mile road race (included in run miles)

Welcome to my first installment of Tread, Chains and Sweat where I review my week in training.

This week felt great. The sun finally came out here in Denver for ALMOST an entire week. I have enjoyed getting to know my new GPS watch, and have put my first outdoor miles on my bike since December (excluding the duathlon races of Jan and Feb). I have realized this week more than any past how much my weight loss has effected my body and my speed. I am finally starting to feel like a thin person and my running is responding positively.

Speaking of positive, I also learned this week how to spell positive, no “a” in it, so I’m happy to not have to correct it in spell check anymore, because it seems to be a word that I type a lot.

I started some speed work this week (running). I did a fartlek run with some 30 minute pick-ups on a 5 minute start. I did three runs this week with Annie in the Chariot, and I am getting used to running with her. I think I am finally in good enough shape that doing this doesn’t kill me! She has been wonderful and very accommodating.

All in all, this has been one of my most consistent training weeks ever, and I’m looking for next week the carry in this weeks footsteps :). Goals for next week are to put together the seasons training plan, to race well at the final Beaver Creek race, and to have a consistent week in training.