shapeimage_128.jpgBoy I was just going through my calendar for this summer and things are getting HOT! Almost every weekend is booked with something. I have one weekend open in April and then we are booked solid until mid-July! With the mood I am in right now it all sounds very tiring, but I know as all the fun weekends approach I will get more enthusiastic and my feelings will change.

This week my training has been intense and therefore I’m a bit tired. Work (Mountain Mamas) has also been crazy, including a really difficult hike yesterday. I have been getting ample sleep (thank you Annie) and I have a massage today with a new sports masseuse that Lindsay recommended, so I’m taking care of the body! I got a foam roller from the masseuse yesterday and that is really helping me!! I have been working my IT band, and my quads and calves to push out all that build up that happens from so much training. But still, I’m tired and ready for next week to come where I have a less intense week and I get to go visit my friend Michelle.

My friend Michelle moved to Pueblo and I have been missing her so much lately. Next weekend when we go visit we get to run a race together, and I am really looking forward to that! She’s just such an awesome person, I can’t wait!

Well, I’m off to clean the house, things really pile up when I have a busy training and work week. The laundry is to the sky, as are the dishes, and the kiddo toys. Sheets need to be changed, vacuuming needs to happen, etc, etc!! Time to strap on the iPod and get ‘er done.