As I elluded to in a previous post I found this cool company called Door To Door Organics. I have been eating as much organic veggies as I can find. Not as much as I can afford but literally as much as I can procure. Does Troy think I'm loony? Yes. Is he feeling as wonderful as I am? Yes! We got our second box of D2DO veggies today, and yes, it was wonderful. I tweeted a picture of all the goods that came in our box and asked what people on Twitter thought?

Megan, my homegirl who lives in a different state, responded and thought you might be able to save more if you did it yourself. We exchanged a few tweets, I gave her the list, and low and behold she was off to her Whole Foods in St. Louis to simulate my box and get a price of her own. Yes, Megan, my sister from another mother (and father), is a scientist (she has a PhD), can you tell?

My Door To Door Organics box cost: $38.66 Megans Self Made Organic Box (err Bag) cost: $51.18

Megan also gets points deducted because two of her things weren't organic (WF didn't have them organically).

So now I'm all curious. I headed to my Whole Foods this morning to see how much my box would cost from there. I had to bring my kitchen scale because I wasn't going to actually repurchase the items. I think the produce stockers thought I was crazy because I kept asking for the prices of items that had lost their price tags, but then I would weigh them and put them back.

I did buy some fennel, but I really can't ever eat enough fennel, I love it in the winter. So my Whole Foods price is more of a close approximation, and came in at $41.53. That amount also included two items that weren't organic (limes and navel oranges), and also the lemons were an issue because to buy organic you had to buy a bag of 10, so I took half that price for the 5 that are on the list. This is more reason why Megan should have moved closer to me, my Whole Foods bag was 18.85% cheeper than her WF bag (see, I CAN do math).

So we got an idea, OK, Megan got the idea, because well, she's the scientist and it's pretty much her job to come up with things like this to study and all. Megan's idea was to have a contest of sorts, she likes to "study" things and we are now both interested in what sort of prices this box would cost in different parts of the country.

Here's where you come in! As much as Megan is the scientist, see I'm the marketing director, so all I could think about was what we should give away. Ummm, DUH, Justin's Nut Butter. You all go crazy for Justin's and I visited the Justin's office yesterday with PIC and they gifted me with a sweet new jar of my favorite flavor: Chocolate Almond. So, how about some of that?

What do you have to do? Well, you need to buy "the list" of veggies, and they need to be organic, or else Megan will doc you like $5 per veggie and charge you some horrible rate, you can read her blog for the nitty-gritty details. She's good with the details, I just like to give stuff away! I'm posting the list below and we are looking for you to head to the store (tell us which one), buy all the organic veggies on the list, make sure the store rings them up separate from the other items you accidentally tossed in the cart, and tell us how much. Take some pictures, make a blog post out of it. Yes, I realize this is a big to-do.

Now since this is quite the endeavor (I know Megan just up and did it all on her own), and since I am the marketing director and she is the scientist, I'm thinking that a bit of a Justin's cornucopia would be a worthy prize. Here's what I am thinking. That's 2 jars of Justin's and two boxes of squeeze packs (so 20 squeeze packs total).

Here is the list of veggies. Now go forth and shop, photograph, blog, post recipies, etc. Oh, and read Megans blog for the exact nitty gritty details if your into that. I'm just the marketing director.

Winner will be decided by Megan and I, and will be determined by how much we like your blog post (must be a blogger to win). We will pick a winner on December 20th.

Produce List (ALL ORGANIC): - Roma Tomatoes - 5 - Avocados - 2 - Collard Greens - 1 bunch (don't worry we'll post recipes) - Fennel - 1 LARGE root - Golden Sweet Potatoes - 3 small - Zucchini - 4 - Cucumber - 1 - Pomegranate - 2 - Anjou Pear - 2 - Kiwi - 2 - Pinova Apple - 2 - Pink Lady Apple - 2 - Navel Orange - 4 - Pea Sprouts - 1 box (also called Young Pea Greens, near the sprouts) - Lemon - 5 - Lime - 2

Have fun and post your blog entries in the comments.