photo-14_1.jpgYEA! Troy got this email from the SOA today! This was his last requirement to completing his coursework for his ASA. For those of you who don’t know...okay all of you...the ASA stands for: Associate in the Society of Actuaries. It is one step below an FSA (Fellow in the Society of Actuaries). ASA is about 75% of the way to your FSA and many actuaries stop with their ASA. Troy will go on to shoot for his FSA, but this intermediate step is a huge one and we are SOOOOO proud of him.

The amount of work that he has put into this designation is huge, 4 years of studying in the evenings and on weekends. I don’t talk about Troy too much on my blog, and it’s mostly because his main goal in life right now is to get through these exams. He isn’t running races, climbing 14ers, taking epic bike rides, or killing himself at the gym everyday (although he wishes he was)...he is studying, so that he can provide his family with a better life (AKA more money). Okay so life isn’t all about $$, but it sure helps us do the things we love to do!

We are so proud of Troy for making it to his ASA, we know he still has many more study hours ahead of him, but for now we will celebrate this step. YEAH!!!!!!!

From: [] Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2007 8:59 AM To: Wieck, Troy Subject: FAP Final Assessment Grading Result


We have completed your FAP Final Assessment grading.

You have been graded as Meets Minimum Requirements.


FAP Staff