beyondhexlogo.jpgI have some great news!

I have been selected for Beyond Clothing’s 2008 Technical and Tactical Clothing Sponsorship Campaign .

I feel honored that Beyond Clothing has decided to support me this year as I race in the snow and mud. I have so many adventures on tap for this coming year, and knowing that I get to stomp around the country wearing some of the best technical clothing on the market makes me absolutely giddy!

I just put in my first order for several technical pieces of clothing and you would be amazed at how many questions they ask you. Every piece of clothing that Beyond makes is totally custom! So I had to put in all my measurements, and they ask you wild questions like “How far down your zipper do you want the bottom of your jacket to go”. a totally awesome way.

We are planning on ordering Troy a jacket soooooon. Being 6 foot 4 inches tall makes it tough to find anything that fits. While I was ordering my clothes...Troy was drooling!

The first three pieces that I ordered are:

Cold Fusion X Jacket Steel Action Shirt Cold Play Shock Pant

I ordered the Cold Fusion X Jacket in Lilac, and I can’t wait to see it.

A big Thanks to Dan and everyone at Beyond for thinking I’m cool...I think you guys are way cool too!