img_0066_1.jpgimg_0069.jpg img_0072.jpg This weekend we traveled to Pueblo, CO to visit our good friends Ron, Michelle and their little boy Sam. I met Michelle through Colorado Mountain Mamas over a year ago, and we became good friends immediately. Ron got a job in Pueblo and they moved down there about 5 months ago. We miss them a ton, but they are only about a 2 hour drive from us, so we are lucky they are still relatively close.

Michelle has been running a lot so we decided that we would do a 5K on Saturday. It’s part of a series that we both signed up for, the “Pueblo Toyota Benefit Running Series”. In two weeks there is a 10K that we will run as well, so we get to go visit again!

The race went well and after a week of rest I can’t feel any pain or discomfort in my IT band. There were a little over 100 people running the race and the course was pretty hilly. The ladies took it out at a 6:11 pace for the first mile. That was a bit fast for me and at 1.5 miles I found myself in second place for the ladies. I kept this place throughout the race, but my pace slowed quite a bit. The hills were part of the reason!

5K is a lot more fun that 13 miles, that’s for sure. My official time was 21:17, which was second woman overall, and 12th in the race.

Michelle also ran super strong. She was hoping for sub-30 min and she was sooo close! Being that the course was hilly, we know she’ll beat that goal in her next 5K. She finished in 30:29. I had the pleasure of watching her for the last quarter mile and her form and attitude was great. She was spot on with her pace, nice and relaxed looking gait, and generally a real joy to watch run. I can’t wait to see her progress with her running, she definitely has the right attitude about it! Yea Michy-Michy!!!

The rest of the weekend was awesome, except for one teny-tiny part concerning some over-indulgence with the margaritas and the Pama. I’m not looking for a repeat performance there, and Ron isn’t ever going to let me live down a few of the stupid things I did! All in all it was a great weekend!