Well, it was time. After countless mornings of tears while we brushed through, make that "dread"locks we were ready to cut off Annies hair. Well, actually I was ready, Troy was a little sad. Everyone always comments on her hair and how long and pretty it is, and you just hate to go cut off the very thing that she gets complimented on. But on the other hand, it's hard to see her face behind the MOP, so maybe now people will notice her smile, and her beautiful eyes.

This morning we endeavored to brush out a weeks worth of dreadlocks and we had a very painful time of it. After 45 minutes we were both crying, her from head pain, me from heart pain. I finally said "Annie...that's it, we are going to go cut off your hair". We made an appointment at Jack and Jill and in 15 minutes we were in the car ready to go.

Annie got to ride in the "Barbi Jeep", watch cartoons and eat lollipops to her hearts content while the VERY nice lady cut her hair. Annie only cried when she could see the lady, but as long as she stayed out of sight, Annie was fine...strange huh? So the bangs were a little tough to get done, but other than that she was able to cut some nice layers. I am very pleased. Here is the after shot!