dsc_0090.jpgThis is the swim start at USAT Nationals (Hagg Lake). This is where I am gunning for my best swim of the year.

This morning in masters we had a 1000 Meter time trial. Dennis was having us do this so he could create swimming zones for us. Steve hasn't had me do a time trial in the pool for awhile, so I was excited to see where I was at.


I felt so consistent on the trial, and I actually felt like I could do a 1600 at that pace no problem. I focused on big slow pulls, scooping the water, keeping my shoulders relaxed, keeping my chin back, my forehead down, and kicking tiny fast kicks on the surface of the water. It was a comfortably strong effort, something I would endeavor to do in a triathlon, knowing I still had a bike and a run to come. My swim workout wasn't over either. Dennis had us do quite a bit more work after the time trial, and by the time I got out of the pool today I was pooped! Total mileage today was a little over 3400 Meters.

My time for the 1000 M time trial was: 17:54. So my 50 meter average was: 53.7 seconds. If I kept this pace that would put my 1.5K time (olympic distance triathlon swim) at 26:51. For you Yard Pool folks, that's about 49 seconds for 50 yards pace...or 1:38 for my 100's.

My goal this year is to swim 25 at USAT Nationals. That means my pace needs to be 50 seconds per 50 meters, or 1:40 for my 100 meters. So, I'm getting there. Progress is definitely coming. I know the faster you get the slower it comes, but I'm really jazzed to feel as comfortable as I did at sub 54 second 50's. Especially when 4 months ago I swam 60 seconds for 50 meters, and could barely keep that up long term.

The leap has come from working with Steve. Having him swim right next to me has helped. He got me to start slowing down my stoke and focusing on scooping a lot of water. He also worked on my body position in the water by giving my some tips on my head position which has really helped my legs kick closer to the water.



...Now I'm going to go take a nap!