Annie has croup. We had a hard night last night with her barking cough and trouble getting a breath in-between the coughing episodes. The nurse at the Pediatrician office says we are looking at another rough 2 nights (at least). She is highly contagious and may loose her voice. Many kiddos with croup end up in the ER b/c their vocal area gets so enflamed they can't breathe. We are going to try to steer clear from an ER trip! Lots of Motrin, warm drinks, and trips to the steamy bathroom. Wish Annie a speedy recovery, and if anyone has any good tips for movies that both mom and a 2 year old can enjoy, let me know. We are getting a little tired of Shrek, Nemo, Wallace and Grommet, and Fraggle Rock.

Also, any tips to get through croup w/o an ER visit would be welcome!