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Tell me that the new Garmin Forerunner 405 isn't absolutely awesome looking. Go ahead...try, yea, that's what I thought, you can't even say it. The new Forerunner is HOT HOT HOT! The last two versions were a bit more lets say...large...maybe clunky is the word. But we still bought them, and we wore them, and we used them. Why? Because WE LIKE DATA. And there is nothing like knowing your pace and your distance.

We were set free by the Garmin Forerunner. No longer did we need to run routes that we "knew" the distance. Nor did we have to just "Run for Time". Oh no, we could now step out the front door and just start running, letting our feet and heart take us were they may. And boy have they taken me places.

When we got home we knew it all...where we had gone, how far, how fast, how many calories. It was all there. Yet we just got to run, to let loose.

I was very lucky to have trained with a Garmin Forerunner 201 this past year, and I have loved it. It's especially awesome to get back on the computer and review past runs and rides from months back. However, during the Beaver Creek Snowshoe Race #2 my Gamin suffered an injury. It got torn from it's wrist strap during one of my many falls. Ever since I have been forced to train with it in my pocket (or sportsbra) b/c it's doesn't have a strap any more, nor does it have the pins to hold a replacement strap on. So needless to say when I saw this new one on the market, I started drooling green. The only problem...

Suggested Retail Price: $318.74