greenwood_pics4web.jpg Have you heard of the new Landmark Theatre that just got built in Denver? Dad watched Annie while Troy and I had a date afternoon and we decided to go see Juno at the new theatre. It was awesome. The ticket prices are $9 for matinee, and $12 for normal screenings. That includes all you can eat popcorn and sodas! They have a full bar when you walk in and if you purchase the VIP seating for an extra $2 then you get a leather love-seat to share with your date, along with a waiter, and a nice little menu of food, desserts and drinks. We truly enjoyed our time, it felt so decadent, and we really didn't spend more than we usually do when we go to the movies, but had a small lunch and enjoyed the VIP treatment. So, totally fun!

Now, as for Juno, oh my goodness. I loved it. Who isn't now-a-days? It was so quirky and totally cute. I just fell in love with Juno. I have to admit I was quite teary afterwards. As more time passes I thought I would heal more from the experience of birthing Annie, but it's the opposite. I have become even more sensitive about the birthing process. Any visual images just hit a sore note with me and I get really emotional. However, the flick was great, and I really enjoyed having some time alone with Troy.