The last several months I have been in the throws of base training. I've been having a blast, running long cruiser runs, biking when it's nice out, and working on my swim stroke. I have been so patient. The last week Steve let me bust it out. My excitement was similar to when I tell Arwen that it's "Time to go for a walk". Shakes, wiggles, pure excited anticipation. I learned this last week why you stick to your scheduled workouts and don't go crazy doing extra work. Weeks like this will come along where you need every ounce of stamina to get through the workouts smiling. Steve still hasn't started me on any speed work, this week was all about long miles, and long workouts all strung together. It was so fun to be doing two-a-days again, I missed those. It's weeks like this that I "feel" like I am training like a professional. I am proud to say that I got through the entire week with a big fat smile on my face. I have been left at the end of this week with sore muscles and the desire to shout "I love triathlon" from the tops of tall mountains. It's when I test my limits that I really start to feel an inner peace with myself. I suppose it's weeks like this that really keep my soul in the competition. I feed on this stuff. I am happy to be patient with my training like Steve is always reminding me, and to "Keep on Keeping on", but weeks like this are the dessert of my training, the dessert of my life, I just love them.

Here are the numbers for the last week: biking - 150 outdoor miles, including about 21,000 vertical feet of climbing swimming - 13,384 Meters (that's 8.32 miles) running - 27.68 miles

So, from here I get to go back to being patient, and remaining in my Zen training mode.

Ooh, and lastly, here is an updated shot of my herb garden. Most of the plants are doing great. I am a little concerned about one of my basil plants, but my dad says I just need to stop worrying and putting negative energy into it. The rosemary/thyme/sage/oregano side of the box is doing wonderful! The basil side is growing, but a little less happy.

Here they are: dscn1713.jpgdscn1714.jpg

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