sonshoeing.jpg Tomorrow is the final installment of the Beaver Creek Snowshoe Adventure Series. I'm sitting here in a condo in Avon (thank you Roger), just reminiscing a bit about all the fun Beaver Creek races I have done this year. Last year I was always attending these crazy races alone, but this year they have been packed full with friends and family. I have seen so many people grow and change from scared newbies to experienced racers. You all know who you are...congratulations! Most the people that show up to the races have helped me in some way shape or form, as have every one of you who are reading this. I am constantly amazed by all the support I get, and what awesome feats your support allows me to accomplish.

Next weekend I get to travel to Ogden to race in the National Championships, and I sit here tonight, thinking about how both tomorrows race, and next weekends race are the icing on top of the cake (or the whipped cream on top of the Butterscotch Malt I had at lunch...mmmm). The training is all there, nothing different is going to happen on that front in the next week. My support system is behind me, and you guys aren't going anywhere, right? It's time to look up, enjoy the view, take it all in. Because if I didn't I would be letting you down. So here's to the start of an AWESOME FUN BODACIOUS next week, and my final two snowshoe races.

PS Do you like today's photo? My dad took it this afternoon. It's the bomb huh? We went out this afternoon and took a ton of super great photos. When I say "we" I mean he did all the work, I just ran around pretending to be a model. I plan to roll them out slowly, because they rock. Can you tell my dad loves me? I love him too!

PPS Okay, Okay, just one more...but then you are cut off...