edit55.jpg For the first time since moving to Colorado I woke up this morning and cursed out the snow. I usually love the snow, but today it thwarted my plans to ride the shadow loop for the third time. We all woke up EARLY so we could do "Easter" (egg finding, candy basket rummaging). After the great Easter Egg hunt I suited up and headed to Steves house to ride. I called Steve on the way, he said "no". I drove out there to see if the roads were that bad in the canyons...they were. I cried. I was so bummed out. After getting a nanny for two days last week this was going to be that final push...rock star in the making.


So I drove my sorry biking-tight clad self back home. And what is waiting for me? Peeps, Milk Duds, Jelly Beans, and 24 hard boiled easter eggs. Today is going to require some serious restraint.

Happy Easter, enjoy it with your loved ones.